Introducing additional SMS client notifications

As part of our continued commitment to increase visibility and transparency for clients, we are pleased to announce that, from 1 December 2018, in addition to sending email notifications to all account holders for email, phone, residential and postal address changes, we will now be sending SMS notifications.

Please refer to below table which outlines the type of notification sent to all clients for manual and online requests.


For residential and postal address changes, a confirmation of change of address is also mailed to both the old and new address. For all international transfer requests, we will continue to contact clients directly by phone.

Your action required

Please ensure we have correct contact details for all account holders as incorrect or incomplete details may impact your ability to perform funds transfers in the future.

To update Accelerator Cash Account account holder(s) details, please complete a Change of Personal Contact Details Form.

To update trading account holder(s) details, please complete a Change of Client Details Form (Advised Clients).

Please note: this is a mandatory service requirement therefore clients cannot opt-out of this service.

More information

If you have any questions about this change, please contact us on 1800 252 351 (option 2).

Published: 03 December 2018