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Powerful trading for advisers and their clients

We've taken the strength of the market leading CommSec trading platform and enhanced it with additional features for advisers trading on behalf of their clients.

Combine this with expert support from our dedicated Adviser Service Team and you’ll begin to understand how the CommSec Adviser Services adviser trading platform can help you do more with your client trading.

Quickly respond to market movements and save time by getting multiple clients in or out of a single stock at once with the easy-to-use ‘Single Stock, Multi-Client’ order pad.

Rebalance client portfolios and respond to sudden market movements more efficiently with our ‘Multi-Stock, Single Client’ functionality.

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Features & Benefits

CommSec website DNA enhanced

CommSec website DNA enhanced with adviser features

Enjoy the experience and innovation of the leading CommSec online trading platform plus additional features for advisers trading on behalf of clients.

Dedicated adviser support

Dedicated adviser support

Benefit from the support of our dedicated Adviser Services team and Training and Engagement team to assist you in migrating your clients.

Straight through processing

Straight through processing

Get trades to market faster with straight through processing.

Execute more trades in less clicks

Execute more trades in less clicks

Save time and trade efficiently with ‘Multi-Stock, Single Client’ or ‘Single Stock, Multi-Client’.

Integrate your business

Integrate your business

Integrate CommSec Adviser Services Trading with your planning software via data feeds.
  • Adviser logic
  • BGL
  • COIN
  • Class Super
  • Midwinter
  • Platform Plus
  • Xplan
Flexible Subscription Packages

Flexible Subscription Packages

Customise research and market data services to suit your needs with our enhanced subscription packages.

View access for clients

View access for clients

Let clients keep track of their own portfolio while you stay in control of their investments.

Customisable for your business

Customisable for your business

Add your branding to client confirmations and reports, tailor brokerage and customise the homepage to suit your needs.

Free Day Book Report Emails

Free Day Book Report Emails

Subscribe to a daily report on completed and pending trades, upcoming settlements and other useful information to manage whole-of-book positions efficiently.

About CommSec Adviser Services Trading

Who is it designed for?

  • Dealer groups, advisers, stockbroking firms and other intermediaries looking for an out of the box direct trading solution.

What features do you receive?

  • Branded confirmation notes & reports
  • Dial Up/Down brokerage
  • Basis of advice capture
  • Access levels to suit your business model
  • Data feeds including XPLAN; BGL; VisiPlan; COIN; Class Super
  • Conditional orders
  • Watchlists and Alerts
  • Real-time market data and news
  • Upgrade your trading experience with a range of additional subscriptions including ViewPoint – our all-in-one dynamic market data and trading platform

How do we support you?

  • Dedicated adviser desk for phone trading and support
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Business development assistance
  • Assistance with business transition to CommSec Adviser Services
  • Client and Adviser account origination and maintenance services
  • Reporting at client, adviser and Dealer Group level
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Direct Debit; BPAY®; Cheque; Third Party Margin Lenders; Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) and Custodial settlement facilities
  • Algorithmic trading support for large or complex orders
BPAY is registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518


The CommSec Adviser Services Online Trading platform offers a wide range of trading products and services so you can offer your clients a complete service. Whatever your clients’ trading needs, we have a solution. Learn more about these and other features with the CommSec Adviser Services User Guide.


Options are suitable for experienced investors looking for more sophisticated investment alternatives. They can offer a powerful and flexible tool that can be used to enhance a portfolio in a number of ways:

  • Profit from a view, no matter whether the market is moving up, down or sideways
  • Access the underlying stock for a fraction of the cost of a direct investment
  • Earn extra income from a portfolio by writing Options and receiving a premium
  • Protect (or ‘hedge’) existing investments by guaranteeing the sale price, regardless of market movements

Options strategies range from the simple to the complex and can be tailored to suit investment goals and appetite for risk. Like any derivative product, Options can involve risk, and all investors and advisers must have a clear understanding of this before trading.

To trade Options on behalf of your clients:

  • Download and read the ASX Booklet Understanding Options Trading
  • Download, read, complete and sign the "Exchange Traded Options Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Application" located under the Forms tab above
  • To take up Tier 2 Options trading you will need to complete the ”Trading Level Upgrade” form found within the “Exchange Traded Options Application PDS and Application” or located under the Forms tab above.


Warrants are unique trading instruments that are issued by banks and other institutions and traded on the ASX and Chi-X. Warrants are 'non-standard' - in other words, each one is different and will offer different features. Depending on the features of the individual warrant, you can use them to:

  • Gain leveraged exposure to an underlying share
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Generate income through dividends and franking credits
  • Protect your portfolio

You need to read the Product Disclosure Statement provided by the issuer of a warrant to assess its features and whether it meets your trading and investment purposes, before you decide to invest.

To start trading Warrants on behalf of your clients:

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

ETFs are as straight forward to buy and sell as individual shares. They are a cost effective investment vehicle which can be used to create a diversified portfolio or to complement existing investments. 

  • Gain exposure to a portfolio of domestic, international or fixed income securities via a single trade
  • Trade flexibly with continuous ETF share pricing during normal ASX hours
  • A cost effective option due to lower operating costs
  • Buy and sell on exchange just like a normal share on the Australian share market

Before you invest in a particular ETF, you should research the fund, read the PDS and make sure you understand the potential risks.

To trade ETFs on behalf of your clients: 

Chi-X TraCRs

A simple and easy way to gain international exposure, Chi-X TraCRs are listed securities that provide access to US companies through the Australian market, in Australian dollars.

  • Gain exposure by adding some of the world’s best known brands to portfolios
  • Access companies from the US under the protection of Australian regulations
  • Trade on the Australian market, in Australian dollars (AUD), via CommSec Adviser Services during Australian trading hours
  • TraCRs settle through CHESS and are held on HINs the same way as Australian equities shares, giving complete visibility of holdings

To learn more about how TraCRs work, the benefits and risks, which US companies are available and how to trade them, see our Chi-X TraCRs Overview or visit the 
Chi-X TraCRs website.

To trade TraCRs on behalf of your clients:


CommSec Adviser Services provides you the opportunity for your clients to get priority access to domestic IPOs. Click the button to view more information on our current and previous IPOs.

Conditional orders

Conditional orders2 allow you to specifically implement trading strategies on behalf of your clients. Below is a brief description of the conditional orders we offer:

  1. Falling sell: Instruction to place a sell order on the market at a limit price when the security price falls to or below a pre-determined price you have established as a trigger price.
  2. Falling buy: Instruction to place a buy order on the market at a limit price when the security price falls to or below a pre-determined price you have established as a trigger price.
  3. Rising sell: Instruction to place a sell order on the market at a limit price when the security
    price rises to or above a pre-determined price you have established as a trigger price.
  1. Rising buy: Instruction to place a buy order on the market at a limit price when security price rises to or above a pre-determined price you have established as a trigger price.
  2. Trailing sell: Instruction to place a sell order at a Market price when the security price rises to or above a level you have set as your trail start price; and then experiences a fall equal to or greater than the trail stop value you have set.
  3. Trailing buy: Instruction to place a buy order at a Market price when the security price falls to or below a level you have set as your trail start price; and then experiences a rise equal to or greater than the trail stop value you have set.

Please read the Share Trading Terms & Conditions for important information and risks regarding conditional orders.

2Triggers for conditional orders are limited to prices on the ASX.

Subscription Packages

To upgrade to any of our enhanced subscription packages, simply download and complete a Change of Subscription Package form (access to subscription packages is based on the agreement with your dealer group). Fees and charges apply.


ViewPoint adds a whole new dimension to your trading experience with advanced intelligence, charting and trading in one powerful platform. You can see how it compares to the CommSec Adviser Services website below:

Features ViewPoint CommSec Adviser Services trading platform
$187 per month1 FREE
A single platform for market information, charting and trading Icon-tick
Dynamic real-time equities and derivatives market data Icon-tick
Real-time charting Icon-tick
Interactive charting enhanced with drawing tools Icon-tick
Enhanced order pad for viewing and managing orders across all accounts and trade via a single screen Icon-tick
Trading order pad Icon-tick Icon-tick
Customisable brokerage Icon-tick Icon-tick
Conditional Orders Icon-tick Icon-tick
Options Level 1 Trading Icon-tick Icon-tick
Options Level 2 Trading Icon-tick
SRN Trading Icon-tick

Upon subscribing to the ViewPoint subscription package, you can choose to upgrade your service with one of our add-ons.

ViewPoint Add-Ons

Features Extras Domestic International
$39 per month1 $99 per month1 $159 per month1
Live ETO process and Excel RTD add-in Icon-tick Icon-tick Icon-tick
Dow Jones AU/NZ News (DJAZ) Icon-tick
Australian Associated Press (AAP) news Icon-tick
International Markets & Indices (IML & IMZ) Icon-tick
London Metal Exchange (LMZ) Icon-tick

Research Plus - $55 per month1

Research Plus provides you access to:

  • Live market data company announcements
  • Morningstar basic company research
  • Morningstar Australian & World Market Reports
  • Morningstar stock recommendations and research
  • Corporate events calendar

Upgrading your subscription packages is easy. You can do this now by downloading and completing a Change of Subscription Package form. Fees and charges apply.


1 Prices are GST inclusive.