Portfolio Service

Portfolio Service

CommSec Adviser Services and Colonial First State have come together to create a unique way to administer your clients’ portfolios. This innovative solution will provide a cost-effective administration service to help you manage custodial and directly held assets together all in one place.

Existing Portfolio Services offering

For assistance, please contact your BDM or CommSec Adviser Services on 1800 252 351.

Features & Benefits



Portfolio Service includes a range of tools to help drive efficiencies for your business:
  • Streamlined account application process
  • Managed account1 and model portfolio solutions to help streamline your business and gain greater efficiencies in client portfolio management
  • Consolidated performance and tax reports covering custodial and directly held assets
  • Capital gains reporting and parcel selection tools to manage your client’s capital gains tax position
  • Online corporate actions management, including a mail management service


Enjoy superior support from our expert team every step of the way.
  • National distribution team to provide you with in-depth product and service solution
  • Ensure the smooth migration of your clients
  • Training to help your team work efficiently with us
  • Webinars to educate you on our products and functionalities
  • Single point of contact for all support


  • Listed securities and cash held in client's name. A perfect solution for SMSFs.


  • Licensee groups can choose to absorb the administration fee, or pass it on to clients, depending on your business model
  • Flexible advice fee options, including an ad -hoc advice fee, customisable advice fee and licensee service fee tiers, and index linking of dollar-based ongoing fees


  • View key information at your fingertips with an intuitive adviser dashboard
  • A range of data feeds including COIN, XPLAN, BGL, Platformplus and Class
  • Access for investors to view and print client reports

About Portfolio Service

Portfolio Service is a cost-effective and innovative solution allowing you to manage your clients’ custodial and directly held assets in one place. Portfolio Service offers an extensive range of investment options including cash, direct listed securities, managed accounts1, managed funds and term deposits.

Designed to overcome the challenges of managing assets off-platform, Portfolio Service’s combination of investment choice, functionality and flexibility will enable you to deliver outstanding service to your clients with sophisticated investment needs.

About Portfolio Service



CommBank’s Accelerator Cash Account (ACA) is one of two mandatory products, along with a CommSec Adviser Services Trading Account, required to operate a Portfolio Service. As the central cash hub within Portfolio Service, the ACA is used to fund investments, pay fees and receive all income and distributions from the investment portfolio, while also serving as your client’s everyday banking account. Your client is the legal and beneficial owner of the ACA.


A CommSec Adviser Services Trading Account is the second mandatory product required, along with the ACA, to operate a Portfolio Service. Building on the DNA of CommSec’s market-leading trading platform and enhanced with features for advisers, Portfolio Service enables trading of listed securities on the ASX and Chi-X Australia.  Adviser efficiency tools like ‘Multi-Stock’ and ‘Multi-Client’ trading help you save time through trading multiple stocks for a single client, or trading a single stock across many clients simultaneously.  Help inform your clients with the support research   from Morningstar and Goldman Sachs.  You will also benefit from Portfolio Service’s share registry mail management service and online corporate actions tool, taking your practice efficiencies to new heights.

Optional Managed Investments Account consisting of:

Managed funds

Portfolio Service provides access to custodially held managed funds, as part of the Managed Investments Account (MIA), through Colonial First State. You and your clients can choose from a range of wholesale managed funds depending on your client’s specific risk profile and investment objectives. Before selecting the best-suited fund, make sure you consider the MIA IDPS Guide and the underlying funds’ Product Disclosure Statement and our comprehensive research issued by Morningstar.

Term deposits

Portfolio Service also offers a range of custodially held term deposits as part of the MIA. Portfolio Service has a number of providers offering term deposits of varying lengths depending on your client's risk profile and investment objectives.

Managed accounts1

Increase your administrative efficiency by outsourcing the day-to-day management of your clients’ portfolios to professional portfolio managers. These managers can efficiently re-align your clients’ portfolios to their target weights and manage corporate actions on their behalf. Investment changes within a managed account can be implemented without the need for an additional client authority, meaning less paperwork and administration for advisers.


1 Managed accounts will be available within Portfolio Service in the future.