Manage your clients' SMSFs from one place with CommSec Adviser Services

Portfolio Services

Time Saving, Efficient and Effective

A complete portfolio solution providing streamlined administration, simplified tax reporting and corporate actions management available through the CommSec Adviser Services website.

It's designed to relieve the burden of administering your investment portfolio allowing you and your Adviser to make more informed investment decisions and be in constant touch with your portfolio's performance.

  • For more information or to offer Portfolio Services to your clients, call your BDM or CommSec Adviser Services on
    1800 252 351
    between 8.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday

Features & Benefits

Complete Portfolio Administration

Complete portfolio administration

We manage your mail administration, dividend direction and reinvestment & Initial Public Offerings so you don’t have to.
Corporate actions & IPO management

Corporate actions & IPO management

View and act on corporate actions and IPOs quickly and easily through the CommSec Adviser Services website.
Tax and performance reporting

Tax and performance reporting

View a comprehensive range of client tax and performance reports online through CommSec Adviser Services.
Access to diverse investments

Access to diverse investments

Offer a complete investment management choice with access to a wide variety of investment classes.
View accepted investment classes.
  • ASX Equities, Property Trusts, Warrants, Options &
  • Convertable Notes;
  • International Equities;
  • Wholesale Managed Funds;
  • Retail Managed Funds;
  • Listed Trusts;
  • Fixed Interest Securities;
  • Cash Management Account (CMA);
  • Exchange Traded Options;
  • Term Deposits; and
  • Even boutique investments such as art, antiques and other collectables.
Value for money

Value for money

Competitive fees ensure your clients receive value for money. Plus management fees can be offset against income earned on their portfolio.
End-to-end solution

End-to-end solution

Bundle your portfolio solution with one of our online trading packages for a complete advice and execution solution for your clients. Our Transition Services team can even assist you to migrate your clients.

About Portfolio Services

Who is it designed for?

Financial Planning Practices and Stockbroking Firms looking:

  • to hand over the administration of their investment portfolio to an experienced portfolio administrator
  • for a solution to the administrative burden of managing corporate actions for clients
  • for a comprehensive annual tax information to facilitate tax return preparation
  • for a consolidated administration solution for their client equity and option portfolios

Our Portfolio Services are available to clients via their adviser. Clients wanting more information on how the service can help them grow their wealth should contact their adviser.

What features do you receive?

  • Access portfolio information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through the CommSec Adviser Services website
  • Combine the Portfolio Service with one of our online trading packages for an end-to-end client portfolio management solution
  • Comprehensive reporting
    • Allows advisers and brokers to make better informed client portfolio investment decisions
  • Online corporate actions management
    • View client entitlement notifications online
    • Lodge corporate action instructions and nominate participation electronically
    • Share registry correspondence management
  • Initial Public Offerings
    • View and act on all IPOs
  • Adviser and client logins
    • Give your clients view-only access to view holdings and reports while retaining full control of the portfolio with view and trade permissions
  • Tax parcel management and reporting
    • Our proprietary tax engine manages data at individual tax parcel level and uses ‘minimise gain’ parcel matching to minimise your client’s capital gains tax liability
    • Comprehensive tax reports detailing all investment-related transactions after financial year-end
  • Service fee management
    • Service fees are calculated daily and the client charged on a monthly basis

How do we support you?

Administration of all client investments including:

  • Mail administration service
  • Processing dividends and other income to the cash management trust account
  • Managed fund applications
  • Notification of all corporate actions
  • Processing corporate actions based on your selected options
  • Dividend Reinvestment Plans
  • Initial Public Offering applications

For more information about our Portfolio Services, see the Portfolio Services - Website Guide (PDF).

For Advised Clients

Who can use the CommSec Adviser Services Portfolio Services?

This service can be accessed by anyone who has a relationship with an adviser who is authorised to provide our Portfolio Services. You should ask your adviser if this is a service they provide.

This service can be used for administration of assets such as cash, ASX listed equities, exchange traded options, both retail and wholesale managed funds, fixed interest investments and overseas shares.

You can also save fees if your total funds under management are across multiple portfolios by ‘householding’ the combined value. For example;

You have a share trading account, a separate margin lending account, and a self managed super fund with $67,000, $195,000, and $278,000 invested respectively, making the total net worth of your funds under management $540,000.

The Portfolio Services ‘households’ these accounts and charges you a single charging fee on the total funds under management as opposed to three fees across the three separate portfolios.

For more information about the costs of taking up our Portfolio Services, contact your adviser.

The Portfolio Services Advantage

Better information leads to better results - Accessing key reports when you want allows you and your adviser to be able to make better investment decisions.

Managing your investments so you don’t miss opportunities - Get priority notice of rights issues, buy backs, takeover offers and other capital movements so you and your adviser have more time to decide on how you will act.

Investments remain in your name - Unlike other portfolio offerings that operate on a custodial basis, your assets remain in your name. There is no transfer of ownership.

Seeing the total picture is key to the right investment strategy - Park all your investments in one place. We are one of Australia’s best asset lists including:

  • ASX Equities, Property Trusts, Warrants, Options & Convertible Notes;
  • International Equities;
  • Wholesale Managed Funds;
  • Retail Managed Funds;
  • Listed Trusts;
  • Fixed Interest Securities;
  • Cash Management Account (CMA);
  • Exchange Traded Options;
  • Term Deposits; and
  • Even boutique investments such as art, antiques and other collectables

Annual optimised tax reports can save you money - Save time at the accountant’s with the optimised tax reporting service.


Account Origination

Form TitleDescription
Client Portfolio Services, Trading and Cash Application Form
(PDF 745kb)
Updated: 19/10/2015
Use this form to setup a new client Portfolio Services account, Trading account and/or Cash Management account with us. Includes the Power of Attorney form, Asset Schedule and Application Guide. This is a fillable pdf.
Wholesale Client Form (PDF 90kb) 
Updated 21/11/2014
Use this form to identify your client as a wholesale client. This form and the required supporting evidence must be submitted with the application form for commission to be paid on the Accelerator Cash Account.
Portfolio Services Fee Schedule (PDF 69kb)
Updated: 03/11/2015
Contains the fees associated with the Portfolio Service.
Job and Industry Classifications List (PDF 89kb)
Updated 17/10/2015
Use this form for the list of eligible Job Category and Job Types for individuals and Industry Category and Industry Type for companies and trusts. .

Account Administration & Maintenance

Form TitleDescription
New Adviser Form (PDF 89kb)
Updated 13/10/2015
Complete this form to setup an adviser from your dealer group to be able to offer Trading, Cash, Investment Loans, CALIA+ and/or Portfolio Services to clients.
Additional Adviser Authority Form (PDF 82kb)
Updated 29/08/2016
Use this form to provide an additional adviser or adviser assistant with access to an existing primary adviser's account.
Important Information (PDF 48kb)
Updated: 11/10/2013
Contains important information about our Portfolio Services.
Privacy Policy (PDF 51kb)
Updated: 11/03/2014
Contains information about how we collect, verify and use customer information.
Client Agreement (Terms and Conditions) (PDF 77kb)
Updated: 01/07/2014
Contains the Terms and Conditions of the Portfolio Services.


Online Demonstration
Online Demonstration
Updated: 13/01/2016

Learn how Portfolio Services offers a complete portfolio solution with streamlined adminstration, simplified tax reporting and corporate actions management.

Website Guide
Portfolio Services – Website Guide (PDF 1490kb)
Updated: 03/10/2015

Learn about the different features and benefits of the Portfolio Service and how to use them with our easy to understand User Guide.

Quick Reference Guide

Get up and running with the Portfolio Reporting and Administration service quickly and easily with our Quick Reference Guides.

Corporate Actions – User Guide (PDF 969kb)
Updated: 01/08/2014

Client Brochures

Help your clients understand the features and benefits of the Portfolio Service and how it will help both of you to manage their investment portfolio more effectively.

Portfolio Services Explained Booklet (PDF 360kb)
Updated: 20/08/2015

Client Information Sheet (PDF 296kb)
Updated: 01/08/2014
Guide to Investment Services
Guide to Investment Services
(PDF 546kb)
Updated: 31/05/2016

Learn about our full range of products and services to help determine which one is right for you when investing on behalf of your clients.

Fee Calculator
Portfolio Services - Fee Calculator (EXCEL 262kb)
Updated: 19/05/2014

Use this calculator to establish a client’s portfolio administration and adviser service fee.

Guide to Transition Services
Guide to Transition Services (PDF 222kb)
Updated: 26/03/2014

Learn how our dedicated transition team can manage the whole transition process from start to finish.



What do I need to do if I have never used the Portfolio Services (formerly known as Echelon Portfolio) before?

Before we can begin to open Portfolio Services accounts for your clients, we need to set up an Adviser Code for you on our systems. Your client accounts will then be linked to this code for visibility and commission purposes. In order to establish a new Adviser Code, please complete the ‘New Adviser Form’ and email a copy to An Adviser Code will then be established for you, and a username and password sent to you in order to access the Portfolio Services online. Once your Adviser Code has been established, this code should be completed on all Portfolio Services Application Forms submitted.

Where do I access the Portfolio Services online?

The service is accessed via this website.

What are the minimum investment amounts?

A minimum cash balance of $1,000 is required per account (or approved household). The minimum cash balance of $1,000 must be maintained at all times.

Can Issuer Sponsored stock be recorded in my client’s Portfolio?

No, only Broker Sponsored stock can be recorded in your clients’ Portfolio Services accounts. Issuer sponsored stocks will need to be sponsored into the account before they will be reflected.

What happens to my client’s registry correspondence?

All general investment correspondence, discount cards, holding statements and dividend statements are mailed to CommSec Adviser Services’ post office box address in Perth.

How can third party collateral stock be reflected on the Margin Lending Account?

The party who has legal title to the stock must open a Portfolio Services account in their name with the designation matching the stock.

Account Opening

Why should my client sign a Power of Attorney?

While signing a Power of Attorney is not a mandatory feature of opening a Portfolio Services account, it does help Portfolio Services carry out many administrative tasks on the client’s behalf without the need for their involvement. These instances include cash transfers or cheque requests from the client’s Cash Account, retail managed fund applications, off market transfers, change of address requests, Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) or bonus share plan requests and completion of certain corporate action paperwork.

Why are the clients required to sign a Third Party Authority Form over their Cash Account and what level of authority should be given?

A Third Party Authority Form is required to give us visibility over the client’s Cash Account. We then receives a data feed of all transactions and can view the account online. Authority is also given to draw fees and make enquiries over the account, should any investigations need to be conducted. We ask that the following authorities be given over the Cash Account: Authorised Signatory Authority; General Withdrawal Authority; Tax Payment Authority; Fee Authority and Enquiry Authority.

Why is it necessary to open more than one account if I want to open a Margin Lending or Options account for my client?

In order to open a margin lending or options account, a standard Portfolio Services account is also required. This is because the Cash Account needs to be linked to a Portfolio Services account, rather than an external account. All Portfolio Services fees will be drawn from the linked Cash Account, and all dividends must be paid into this account for reporting purposes. As our Portfolio Services provide a reporting service over external accounts, a Broking Account must be established for each corresponding Portfolio Services account. Therefore if the client intends to trade on the margin loan account and also wishes to trade options, three accounts need to be opened.


Will you backdate transactions for clients that sign up after 1 July, so that they can get a full year of taxation reporting?

No. Portfolio reporting will begin from the commencement date of the account. We are only able to validate client data from the date they commence the service with us. As part of the commitment to quality it is critical that we ensure all data is accurate. For the same reasons, full Tax Reports will not be produced if a client leaves the Portfolio Service prior to 30 June. The client will receive a Closure Report containing all information up to the Closure Date of the Portfolio.

When will my monthly reports be sent?

The majority of Portfolio Services reports are printed and sent to advisers for approval within the first five business days of the month following the reporting period. The reports can either be sent back with the adviser’s approval to be mailed to clients or highlighted amendments for Portfolio Services.

Can my assistant access my clients’ accounts online?

As your adviser code will be provided on the application paperwork, you will be automatically linked to your clients’ accounts. In order for an assistant to have access to your clients online, they need to be set up with a username and password. The ‘New Adviser Form’ available from the CommSec Adviser Services website needs to be completed and the details of the adviser codes to which access is required provided. A username and password will then be emailed to the assistant.

Share Trading and Portfolio Administration and Reporting are services provided by Australian Investment Exchange Ltd (AUSIEX) ABN 71 076 515 930 AFSL 241400, a Participant of the ASX Group and Chi-X Australia. AUSIEX is a wholly owned but non-guaranteed subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) ABN 48 123 123 124 AFSL and Australian credit Licence 234945.

Share Trading and Portfolio Administration and Reporting are services provided by Australian Investment Exchange Ltd (AUSIEX) ABN 71 076 515 930 AFSL 241400, a Participant of the ASX Group and Chi-X Australia. AUSIEX is a wholly owned but non-guaranteed subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) ABN 48 123 123 124 AFSL and Australian credit Licence 234945.