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Investment Management Team

CommSec Investment Management is a specialist provider of Australian equity model portfolios. Concentrating on the intermediary market the team’s key strengths include portfolio construction, portfolio management and research services.

The team uses primary research and a long-term approach when investing in high-quality businesses. The analysis places particular emphasis on competitive advantage, free cash flow and financial position to invest in businesses at fair prices.

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Features & Benefits

CommSec Adviser Services offers Bespoke and Model Portfolios depending on your client’s objectives and risk profile.

Scalability and Efficiency

Scalability and Efficiency

Manage the direct investment component of your business efficiently, compliantly and cost-effectively.

SMSF Capability

SMSF Capability

Model Portfolios are designed with the growing numbers of SMSF's in mind.

Consistent Investment Approach

Consistent Investment Approach

CommSec Investment Management Team’s approach to investing in each company is kept constant across all our portfolios and services.

Trade Execution Service

Trade Execution Service

The CommSec Investment Management Team takes away the uncertainties surrounding trade executions.

Insourcing of Direct Investment Expertise

Insourcing of Direct Investment Expertise

Leverage the expertise of our Investment Managers and their access to research and information tools such as Bloomberg and Morningstar.

Direct access to the Investment Team

Direct access to the Investment Team

Using CommSec Adviser Services for your investment management, you will have direct access to the Investment Management Team to answer any question you many have.

Investment Philosophy & Process

The CommSec Investment Management Team takes a long-term view when investing, utilising primary research to identify high-quality companies at fair prices. The conservative investment style aims to protect shareholder capital, minimise turnover, and deliver returns over the long-term. The long-term approach is critical as the stock market will ultimately recognise the value in companies which provide sustained earnings and dividend growth.

The team identifies, researches and values businesses using company, competitor and industry reports. Where appropriate, CommSec Investment Management Analysts meet with company management to ensure a fully informed view supports the investment decision.

When assessing the quality of a company, the team places particular emphasis on:

  • Competitive Advantage: Price premium advantages, cost advantages and capital efficiency allow a company to grow earnings, protect margins and generate attractive returns over the long-term.
  • Free Cash Flow: Highlights a company’s ability to finance growth, service debt obligations, fund capital expenditure and sustain dividends.
  • Financial Position: Conservative approach to debt and other obligations provide the company flexibility to execute their growth strategy and avoid financial stress. The team avoids companies with excessive financial leverage or what they view as real refinancing risk.

Analysts use a number of valuation tools to estimate a fair price for a company. These include discounted cash flow analysis, earnings multiple comparisons, and other return ratios. While valuation is not the primary driver of investment decisions, CommSec Investment Management aims to invest in companies when their market price is not at a substantial premium to the teams assessed valuation.

Portfolios are constructed incorporating top-down and bottom-up analysis, providing diversified exposure to a high-quality portfolio of Australian equities. Active company and sector tilts are carefully made within a proprietary risk framework to maximise return stability. The Investment Management Team is overseen by the Investment Committee who ensure adherence to the investment mandate.

Model Portfolios

CommSec Investment Management offers a number of pre-defined Model Portfolios to suit your clients’ investment objectives and risk profiles. Their low-cost portfolios are constructed with Australian Equities incorporating top-down and bottom-up analysis.

By utilising CommSec Investment Management’s Model Portfolios, you can ‘insource’ your direct investment research, portfolio construction, management and performance reporting.

You can follow portfolio changes retrospectively with the CommSec Investment Team executing trades on you and your client’s behalf.

Balanced Growth Income Warrant
Core Satellite + Tactical Core Satellite + Tactical Core + Income + Tactical Strategic + Tactical
Asset Allocation
Large Cap ASX200 Large and Mid-Cap ASX200 Large Cap ASX200 Australian Listed ETFs
15-25 stocks 15-25 stocks 15-25 stocks Global Asset Allocation
Moderate Turnover Moderate Turnover Moderate Turnover Low Turnover
High Yield + Franking Moderate Yield + EPS Growth High Yield + High Franking Risk Adjusted Yield + Alpha
Objective-Based Objective-Based Objective-Based Strategic and Objective-Based
Benchmark ASX200 Benchmark ASX200 Benchmark ASX200 Absolute Return
Monthly Performance Reports Monthly Performance Reports Monthly Performance Reports Quarterly Reports
and Commentary

Bespoke Portfolio

CommSec Investment Management offers a bespoke portfolio solution to suit your clients’ particular circumstances. The Investment Management Team creates the portfolio with a long-term investment outlook and limits stock turnover.

You and your client can have as much, or as little, involvement in the construction as you desire. Once implemented, the team will assist you with the ongoing portfolio maintenance to keep abreast of major events such as recommendation changes, corporate actions and major announcements.

Flexible and Tailored
Large Cap ASX100+
Equities, ETF's or Hybrid Securities
Low Turnover
Tailored to client needs
Strategic and Objective-Based
Total Return
Quarterly Reports and Commentary