Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

Your equities and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) advice partners

Our experienced advisers work in partnership with your business to create wholesale equity and ETF investment solutions that capture the critical information you need.

We offer three key services to third party AFSL holders:

  • Full advisory service
  • Equity Portfolio Review
  • ETF Portfolio Review
  • For more information, or to take up the Investment Advisory service, call one of our advisers on 1800 252 351 and select option 6 between 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Features & Benefits

Access to expertise

Access to expertise

Strengthen your offering by leveraging the experience of our advisers, as well as their access to specialist research and information tools.
Diversify your business

Diversify your business

Insource your equities advice to us to expand your product offering and revenue lines without the usual high costs and effort.
Execution services

Execution services

Our advisers will not only prepare comprehensive portfolio reviews for your clients, but they can also place the trades to execute the portfolio.


Let us manage the equities component of your AFSL and business for you – efficiently, compliantly and cost-effectively
Add your Branding

Add your branding

Maintain your branding with the ability to copy portfolio review content directly into your SOAs.
Comprehensive information service

Comprehensive information service

Let us provide you with the latest information on markets, commodities, corporate actions, company and RBA announcements and more.

About Investment Advisory

Who is it designed for?

Advisers and Stockbrokers looking to add greater value to their clients’ investment portfolios and insource their equities research.

What services do we offer?

Full Advisory Service - An ongoing, comprehensive portfolio review and recommendation service with concise reporting and portfolio management, offering total support to your business.

Equity Portfolio Review and Construction - A professional equity portfolio review service providing a concise report with portfolio recommendations compiled using a clear, disciplined methodology incorporating both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

ETF Portfolio Review and Construction - Provides advice on ASX Listed ETF’s to help your clients gain exposure to International Markets.

One Off Trades - Provides advisers with the ability to sell issuer sponsored share holdings on behalf of clients without the need to open an account.

What features do you receive?

  • Daily morning market briefings, seminars and independent research reports
  • Comprehensive reporting backed by third party research
  • Stock-specific commentary
  • Priority access to IPOs (Full Advisory Service only)
  • Full broking capabilities with highly competitive brokerage rates

How do we support you?

  • A dedicated team to help you service your clients’ equity needs
  • Direct adviser telephone line
  • Access to third party research
  • ‘Morning Minutes’ – a daily wrap-up of the overnight markets, Australian commodities, corporate activities for the day and more
  • ‘Newsflash’ – up to date company and RBA announcements
  • ‘Monthly newsletter’ – detailing economic and market updates and upcoming economic calendar events

For more information about the Investment Advisory service, see the Investment Advisory brochure.



Form TitleDescription
Adviser Application Form (PDF 121kb)
Updated: 19/11/2012
Advisers will need to complete this application form before they can begin receiving Investment Advisory services.

Portfolio Review

Form TitleDescription
Equity Portfolio Review Request Form (PDF 63kb)
Updated: 19/11/2012
Complete this form to request an equity portfolio review for a client.
ETF Portfolio Review Request Form (PDF 70kb)
Updated: 19/11/2012
Complete this form to request an ETF portfolio review for a client.

One Off Trade Service

Form TitleDescription
One Off Trade Form (PDF 931kb)
Updated 17/06/2013
Complete this form to sell issuer sponsored share holdings on behalf of a client without the need to open an account.


Investment Advisory Brochure
Investment Advisory Brochure (PDF 2068kb)
Updated: 19/11/2012

View the CommSec Adviser Services Investment Advisory brochure and learn how the service can help you strengthen your offering and add more value to your clients.

Sample Equity Portfolio Report
Sample Equity Portfolio Report (PDF 1874kb)
Updated: 19/11/2012

Download the sample Equity portfolio Report and learn how the service can help you strengthen your offering and add more value to your clients.

Sample ETF Portfolio Report
Sample ETF Portfolio Report (PDF 1628kb)
Updated: 19/11/2012

See a sample of the information contained in an ETF portfolio review.

Investment Advisory services under the CommSec Adviser Services brand are provided by Australian Investment Exchange Ltd (AUSIEX) ABN 71 076 515 930 AFSL 241400. AUSIEX is a wholly owned but not guaranteed subsidiary of the Bank. This information is not advice and is prepared by CommSec Adviser Services for wholesale, Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) holding clients only. No individuals, objectives, financial situation or needs have been considered.