Chi-X* warrants trading now available with CommSec Adviser Services

We’re pleased to let you know that Chi-X* listed warrants are now available to trade via the CommSec Adviser Services platform.

To start trading ASX and Chi-X listed warrants

  1. Have your client complete and sign the Warrant Agreement Form, return via eSubmit
  2. We will endeavour to enable their CommSec Adviser Services Trading Account for warrant trading within 1 to 2 business days of receipt of the form.

You and your client must read the ‘ASX Understanding Trading and Investment Warrants’ and 'Chi-X Investing In Warrants' booklets.

Once your client’s account has been enabled to trade warrants you can buy and sell ASX and Chi-X warrants during normal market hours via the CommSec Adviser Services website or over the phone.


What is Chi-X Australia?

Chi-X Australia is an alternative trading venue to ASX TradeMatch on the ASX which uses its own trading system and provides trading in a subset of ASX listed securities.

What do I have to do to trade warrants?

You must have a CommSec Adviser Services Account, read the booklets issued by ASX and Chi-X and complete and sign a Warrant Agreement Form. You may also download copies of these documents from the Forms page on our website.

Warrants overview

Warrants are financial products which allow investors to gain exposure to a variety of underlying assets – listed companies, managed investment products (e.g. listed property trusts), indices, currencies and commodities.

How do I buy and sell warrants?

You can buy and sell warrants on the ASX and Chi-X markets during normal market hours via the CommSec Adviser Services website or over the phone.

How can I check the price of a warrant?

Warrants are listed on the ASX and Chi-X markets. You can view their pricing via the CommSec Adviser Services website during normal market hours. Most issuers also provide indicative pricing on their websites or alternatively via the ASX and Chi-X websites.

What is the minimum investment amount?

There is a minimum $500 investment amount for purchases made on the ASX and Chi-X markets.

What can I trade?

  • All ASX-listed securities
  • All warrants listed on the ASX and Chi-X markets (additional forms required to trade warrants and partially paid securities)

How long does a warrant order stay in the system?

All warrant orders are day only orders, and are removed from the system by ASX/Chi-X at the end of each trading day.

Trading in warrants

It is an ASX and Chi-X requirement that clients must read and understand the ‘ASX Understanding Trading and Investment Warrants (PDF)’ and ‘Chi-X Investing in Warrants (PDF)’ explanatory booklets. Once read and understood, your client should complete and sign the ASX/Chi-X Warrant Agreement Form (PDF), and return to us.

Disclosure documents

Each time a warrant issuer issues a new warrant the terms and conditions of the warrant must be set out in a disclosure document. The ASX Rules and the Corporations Act specify the information and terms that must be included in this document.

Where to find a disclosure document

Disclosure documents are available from:

  • the warrant issuer - refer to the ASX and Chi-X websites for a list of contacts of warrant issuers
  • the ASX and Chi-X websites through the warrant price search function

More information

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact your Business Development Manager, or call our Adviser Services team on 1800 252 351 between 8.30am and 6.00pm (Sydney time), Monday to Friday.

Important Information

* Chi-X listed warrants trading is not available for Portfolio Service accounts.