Submit documents securely with eSubmit

In our continued commitment to protect client information and save you time, electronic submission of all forms and supporting documents containing client or adviser information will only be accepted via eSubmit.

Simply log into the CommSec Adviser Services website using your existing details and navigate to Administration > eSubmit.


What is eSubmit?

eSubmit is an online tool to securely submit your clients’ applications, supporting documents and account maintenance requests.

How does eSubmit work?

The video above explains how you can submit forms through eSubmit and how to submit supporting documents for past submissions and online applications.

How do I access eSubmit?

You’ll have access to eSubmit through the CommSec Adviser Services website. Once you’ve logged in using your existing username and password, navigate to Administration > eSubmit.

Can my assistant use eSubmit?

Yes they can however, if they do not currently have access to the CommSec Adviser Services website, they will need to be set up. They can organise access by:

  1. completing the Additional Adviser Authority Form; and
  2. returning the completed and signed authority with a certified copy of a Driver’s Licence or Passport as per the instructions provided on the form.

When submitting forms via eSubmit, assistant advisers must select a primary adviser for the form submission.

Who will have access to eSubmit?

Advisers and assistants with access to the CommSec Adviser Services website can use eSubmit. Client and dealer group users will not have access to this tool.

Which forms can I submit via eSubmit?

Forms with a Form ID located on the top right of the first page can be submitted via eSubmit, as shown below.

If your form does not have a Form ID as above, please follow the submission instructions found on the form.

Can I submit adviser forms via eSubmit?

Yes, adviser forms with a Form ID located on the top of the first page can be submitted via eSubmit. If your form does not have a Form ID, please follow the submission instructions found on the form.

How do I submit a form with no ID?

General enquiries and forms without an ID will still be accepted via email.

Can I still use email for some things?

Yes, general enquiries or emails not containing personal information or ID can still be emailed.

Can I still post documents?

Forms and supporting documents may still be sent via post.

Can I view past submissions?

Yes, you can view a list of past submissions. This includes all the applications and forms submitted plus the supporting documentation.

Is there a file size limit for uploading documents via eSubmit?

The total size of all the documents you upload for submission must not exceed 7MB. If you need to provide multiple documents exceeding the total size of 7MB, you can use the ‘supporting documents’ function to provide the additional documents for your submission, please view the above video for instructions on how you can do this.

What happens if I don’t use eSubmit?

Emailed forms will not be accepted and will need to be re-submitted via eSubmit.  Forms and supporting documents may still be sent via post but eSubmit is the recommended option due to the benefits it offers.


If you need assistance please contact our Adviser Services Team on 1800 252 351.

More information

If you have questions, please feel free to contact your Business Development Manager, Relationship Manager or call us on 1800 252 351 between 8:30am - 6:00pm (AEST), Monday to Friday.

Important Information

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Published: 1 November 2018