Your all new Action Centre is here

When you log into the CommSec Adviser Services website you’ll see an updated home page featuring your all new Action Centre. Here, you will be able to view online client account application progress as well as managing maturing Term Deposits for your clients.

See the new Action Centre in action


What’s happening?

When you log into the CommSec Adviser Services website you’ll notice the new Action Centre where you will receive new notifications when your client’s Term Deposit is maturing. Located in the Dashboard online, you will receive a notice 30 days prior to maturity reminding you to take action. This exciting new feature allows you to let us know if you want to roll your Term Deposit over, withdraw, or arrange a combination of the two before its maturity date.

In the Action Centre you will also able to view the status of Account Application progress. For online applications you will receive a notifications when the application is receive, being processed or was successful. For paper applications you will only receive a notification once the account application was successful.

How often do I receive this notification?

A notification of your client’s maturing Term Deposit will appear in the Dashboard located in the Action Centre when you log into the CommSec Adviser Services webpage. You will receive a message 30 days prior to the Term Deposit’s maturity as a reminder of your client’s upcoming maturity date. The notification will turn red on the day of maturity to prompt you to take action and will continue to be displayed online for 30 days unless deleted. It is important to note that even though notifications will be displayed for 30 days, you can only make changes to instructions up to 6 days after the maturity date, during the grace period.

Notifications for Account Applications will stay in the Action Centre for 30 days. Please note, if a paper application is submitted, it will only show up in the Action Centre once the application is successful.

How do I view My Client’s Term Deposit information?

By clicking on the notification or the client’s account name in the Adviser Dashboard, the following information for your client will appear: account name, account number, account type, issuer, term deposit amount, rate, maturity date, and term deposit and reinvestment instructions. It is important to note the Term Deposit maturity date in this section to avoid missing the 6 day grace period.

How do I action my notification?

By Clicking on the notification, a pop up window will appear displaying the Term Deposit details, re-investment instructions and a link to the re-investment form. Once the form is completed and signed, follow the prompts for the cash team to action your request.

More information

To enquire about standalone Term Deposit Interest rates, or if you have any questions, please call the Commsec Adviser Services team on 1800 252 351 (option 2) between 8:30am - 6:00pm (AEST), Monday to Friday. Alternatively, please contact your BDM.

Published: 20 May 2017